• Updated 06/2024
Crucero Plaza

Crucero Plaza is not quite a webcomic and not quite a choose-your-own-adventure game, but more so an interactive reading experience. It's a surrealist mystery and thriller with a "twisted" narrative.

Libera, a recent high school graduate, is eagerly leaving their home town of El Paso to study at a prestigous university. The night before their trip, Alejandra, the elder sister, takes Libera to a recently constructed shopping center called Crucero Plaza.

Suddenly, everything goes foggy, and Libera wakes up in a cold sweat. The patrons of the mall and Alejandra are gone, with the products and wares tumbled over in disarray. The mall now inexplicably floats above the Earth. Unsure if this is a nightmare, a devilish prank, or some mind-bending trap, Libera must find Alejandra, save whoever is left, and get back home.

  • Finished 01/2023
Cartucho de Calabozos

An alternate reality concept album of dungeon synth, chiptune, and ambient music meant to emulate the experience of playing through a made-up retro video game, the titular “Cartucho de Calabozos”.

In this alternate reality, the game “Cartucho de Calabozos” is made by a Mexican gaming studio from the 90s. The story of the game itself takes place in a medieval fantasy land inspired by Ireland, sometime around the 1500s.

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