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Qiubole! They call me Vinny Vistazo. I'm a Chicano cartoonist and musician. I play the drums and the keyboard. I also make comics and animations. Sometimes I make websites, like the one that you're currently on. I'm always creating something, one way or another.

This place is a hub for most of my work and updates. Check back in from time to time to see what I'm up to.

I collaborate with another ex-henchman, The Gentleman Caller. The computer is named Anita and she has a mind of her own. Some of my work is signed as "AVCris", usually for more rough or personal projects. That's still me though.

If you'd like to get in contact with me through email for work inquiries or project proposals, leave a comment in the comment box below with your name, intent, and the email you'd like me to reply to. Comments with emails, contact info, or links won't be published. I won't respond if you comment anonymously.

Link back to me, will ya?

Qiubole! Me llaman Vinny Vistazo. Soy un caricaturista y músico chicano. Toco la batería y el teclado. También dibujo cómics y animaciones. A veces creo sitios web, como en el que te encuentras actualmente. Siempre estoy creando algo, de una forma u otra.

Este sitio es un centro para la mayoria de mis obras y novedades. Puedes volver de vez en cuando para ver lo nuevo que estoy haciendo.

Colaboro con otro ex-henchman, The Gentleman Caller. La computadora se llama Anita y ella tiene conciencia propia. Algunos de mis obras están firmados como "AVCris", generalmente para proyectos más toscos o personales. Sin embargo, siguen siendo yo.

Si deseas ponerte en contacto conmigo por correo electrónico para consultas de trabajo o propuestas de proyectos, deja un comentario en la seccion de comentarios en el fondo con tu nombre, intención, y el correo electrónico al que deseas que yo te responda. No se publicarán comentarios con correos electrónicos, información de contacto, o links. No responderé si estas anónimo.

Agrega mi link, pues?


It's been another little while. I finally got around to making an 88 by 31 button link for the site, as per Katrina's request. Thanks for getting me in the spirit to finally make a button, Katrina. (: You can copy the link and paste it onto your site. Its over here.

A lot of stuff has been happening and its been slipping my mind to update my site as often as I would like. I'm picking up new projects and shelving others for later. I finally updated the Art section with newer pieces.


It's been a little while. I've been quiet because I've been working on new music. I'm in an electropunk band. Hopefully some music will be dropping early next year. Get excited!


Added three bonus tracks to Cartucho de Calabozos, just a few remixes. They're available for download here or when you download the album off of Bandcamp.


Rearranged the layout of the site once again! Now all of the music is on display in one place, the newest up-and-coming project gets its own segment, and all the projects with some content have a segment of their own as well.

Also started printing and putting together those Cartucho de Calabozos zines that I had mentioned, they'll be out there soon ...


I made a webpage for my newest album, Cartucho de Calabozos. Its an alternate reality reading and listening experience with a lot of new illustrations. I hope you enjoy it and feel like you played a old video game that never quite existed.

Another link to it can be found in the Current Projects section.

I'm going to re-format the Cartucho de Calabozos web page into a zine, so if you're eager to get a printed version it'll happen.


Added a comment section. Lets see how that goes. It's at the very bottom of the page. There's a link to it below the introductory text.

Rearranged the layout of the site just a little bit.


Finally made a page for the blinkies I've made and the blinkies I've collected! The links are just below the introductory text.


The website is finally properly up and running! This includes a couple of new pieces in the Recent Art section!

An update within an update: I added a Previous Projects section for projects I have completed or that have been put on hold.


Pallor Pink Vol. 7: Dark Legacy debuted at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo! I drew a 4-page piece for it featuring Anlon and The Knight of Rust. I posted some excerpts of it in the Recent Art section.

Newest Project
Crucero Plaza

An interactive reading experience, some parts webcomic and some parts choose-your-own-adventure game about a high school graduate and aspiring space cowboy from El Paso, Libera, trapped in a mall that inexplicably floats in space above the Earth. A surrealist mystery and thriller unfolds as Libera struggles to find out the reason for the mall's takeoff and where her sister, Alex, had disappeared to. All the while, something horrific lurks in the twisted shopping center, and it pulls the strings and the narrative.

Libera must find their sister, save the mall, and get back home. But will your choices even matter?

Party Planet

An animated funk, disco, and hip-hop musical about dancers and musicians throughout time being taken to Party Planet. Slug, a breakdancer from the 90s, is down on his luck. Cornucopia, the alien creator and owner of Party Planet, appears down on Earth to offer him an invitation - he can escape all of his troubles and dance however and whenever he wants. Slug accepts Cornucopia's invitation and gets whisked away to outer space, but upon arriving, immediately regrets his decision and senses that something is amiss.

Now Slug must escape Party Planet, and set the others he met there free.

Cartucho de Calabozos

An alternate reality concept album of dungeon synth, chiptune, and ambient music meant to emulate the experience of playing through a made-up retro video game, the titular “Cartucho de Calabozos”. With the passage of time, experienced players can mess with glitches or even reveal things that were never meant to leave the cutting room floor.

In this alternate reality, the game “Cartucho de Calabozos” is made by a Mexican gaming studio from the 90s. The story of the game itself takes place in a medieval fantasy land inspired by Ireland, sometime around the 1500s.

Berts of a Feather

A slice-of-life webcomic revolving around a bunch of eccentric college students in a world where humans had evolved from birds. Made in collaboration with the artist and writer, The Gentleman Caller.

The website is currently being remade, and comics are still in production. The webcomic is temporarily unavailable!

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