• Updated 02/2024
Cartucho de Calabozos

An alternate reality concept album of dungeon synth, chiptune, and ambient music meant to emulate the experience of playing through a made-up retro video game, the titular “Cartucho de Calabozos”.

  • Updated 02/2024

It's a rock album, in that its about rocks. Minerals and gems come from the earth, but we take them with us to many different places.

  • Finished 11/2022
Celestial Intermediaries

A mini-album of drum & bass and breakcore themed after the Chicano genderqueer experience, angels and demons, and the early internet.

  • Finished 06/2021
wake to sleep · despierto para dormir · 寝るために起きる

"wake to sleep" is a Yume Nikki fan album composed and produced by AV Cris.

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